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Walking along the temples
Carved in a solid rocks
On the West bank of the Nile.
Long after the Ramses
build the temples
For the Sun of God.

The sacred land
That still holds the mystery
of many Cultures.
The solid walls
Made out of brick
When Ramses was there.

He looked often
at the beautiful river
and prayed to God
in adoration.
History says-the Gods
were adored by all
The Pharaohs of this land.

Ramses was one
of well known rulers
in that Ancient time.
He wanted to please
His God special to him.
God of the raising Sun.

He worshiped him
with adoration.
And People believed
That God will defeat
the darkness of the night
worshiping the raising Sun.
Interesting History
of Ancient Egyptian Land.

© 2007 Zuzanna Musial




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Zuzanna Musial

Fri 25th Jan 2008 04:43

The place fascinates! I am in love with this spectacular Ancient Culture. Imagine the technique they have been using to carve the stones the hieroglyphs, that is amazing!
To go there one does not have to worry about being thirsty. There is water available and provided. I was reading an article about buying a property there as an investment! The price is really great! When I retire I may go there to stay for a while, and then you can visit when you please. But that is my plan for later not now...Also you are invited to join me when I will be going there...Thank you for the thought provoking comment...Zuzanna

Kevin Connolly

Thu 24th Jan 2008 09:50

I need a glass of water just thinking about Egypy, Zuzanna. The sweltering sun, the dry desert, the pyramids, hot to the touch... nirvana. if you go there next year, I think I'll join you.

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Zuzanna Musial

Fri 18th Jan 2008 06:47

Clarissa, I am planing to go there in another year or so -to Luxor, which is the nicest place for tourist. Have a friends and they work there. I will take a tour by Camel on the Desert and to see the Pyramids. My love for this particular place is tremendous.People are very friendly there so I have heard. The place is always warm not like here 6 months of winter. Prices are reasonable. Five Pounds for a Dollar. Not bad. The only pricey will be the flight! My dreams are still alive to go there. The Culture it is over 6000 Thousand years old. The Oldest in this World. Now perhaps to feel better there I shall begin to learn Arabic language as it is slightly different from the Arabic from other places...History is my NUMBER ONE subject!!

Thank you for your great comment!


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clarissa mckone

Fri 18th Jan 2008 04:10

HI Zuzanna, this is very nice, I could see it all. I love watching history on this place.I think it would be fun to ride a camel !

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