Undefined happiness

Undefined happiness


The sun is shining

The summer wind is blowing

I don’t call it to myself

But I travel towards its way


It’s path is sweet

Like something I always tried to catch

Like loyalty against defeat

I tried to fight along the way


It never said, no entry

Or that I was ever barred

And along the centuries

The same calling lit a spark


But only those who continued to lit

Would find its everlasting sweetness

If I only I ever sat down

And enjoyed the true happiness


The oxygen from the trees travels along my nerves

The beautiful sounds of the birds travel through my ears

A language I want to speak 

So I can taste their serenity



Along the journey

Along the paths that are now open

Along the words that have finally spoken

Along the dreams that are no longer broken

Along the seeds that are no longer dying

Along the happiness that is alive

It travels inside me

And I finally say yes 




image by Amy Heartbreak on Deviant Art

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Hannah Collins

Tue 5th Jun 2018 10:45

Beautiful writing.


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