Deplorable, disgusting, 

Despotic, deceitful,

Devious dumbfuck.

Drew up and directed 

Deathly decisions,

Doubtlessly designed to

Dash down despair;

Down on the desperate,

Down on the destitute,

Down on the defenseless,

Down on the disabled.


Defective, degenerative, 

Dreadful disorders and

Decrepitude to you


Death by diseased dick

To you





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M.C. Newberry

Tue 29th May 2018 16:00

Working class? Is there such a thing in these "we are all
equal" days? Workers and shirkers, more like.
By all means, let us contribute to those who are unable
to care for themselves but it needs a firm mindset to
face and fillet the ranks claiming the money paid in taxes
ever day (when poverty now thinks in terms of luxury
goods as "essentials).
It is fashionable (on WOL even acceptable) to abuse the
"right" as hardhearted etc. when leaving the rest to parade
their pious humanity as we all go down the financial plughole.

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Hannah Collins

Mon 28th May 2018 12:59

IDS, he looked around and saw the working class people had phones and TV and fell apart.
This is so clever, all the D's.
Keep on writing it.


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Brian Maryon

Sat 26th May 2018 16:38

Marc - A lot of people will applaud you for this piece. It may be a majority on WOL but it won't be a majority in the country, the working population, who could see all around them families with no wage earners who actually seemed to be better off as a result. This is because they were. A husband and wife with full time jobs could have much less disposable income than a similar one on tax free benefits. This was not right so the government rightly did something about it. When those on benefits found they were worse off what did they do? They got a job like the rest of us

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 26th May 2018 16:11

A recent blog from me was removed on the grounds that
"WOL is not a platform for your political views".

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