These men

Angry confused divided and misdirected 

With morality low and aggressiveness high 

Shallow and impulsive realms of perspective 

Violence and crime progressively worsening

The streets set the scene for these men to rehearse in 

Society eludes a self destructive way of life 

& some young men savagely taken by the pierce of a knife

Where art thou compassion, you’ve lost your empathetic ways

Can’t you see the repercussion it’s how they want the game to be played

Every act of crime and every arrest 

Lining the pockets of those you claim to detest

Private prisons are big corporations

You’re enabling the establishment with sinister mitigation’s 

Society breeds the problematic attire 

Dividing you all, blurring who you should admire

But if these young men refuted the system 

It would be so god damn easy to begin to resist them

Violence and crime is the elites ammunition

Divide and conquer subjected cognition 

Read a book and learn because knowledge is the key 

Educate yourself and let learning set you free 

Convincing the masses to avoid picking up a book 

Is a premeditated ramification of slavery -just look 

Freedom is slavery George Orwell was right 

Because these young men’s mentality discourage the fight 

And I don’t mean physically with a fist or knife 

The intellectual battle between the elite and the bright 

Inequality breeds problems, 

which manifest into violence, 

enabling prison sentenc-

-ing, and I can see what happening,

 these young men just facilitating,

the pyramidical structure that they’ve set in

Occupied with gangs and violence

Can you not see that they want you to be a tyrant, 

but you are not a militant,

So please just be more vigilant 

You wasn’t born angry and emotionless, 

They gave that to you with hopelessness, 

& discouraged potential precociousness, 

& strengthened your atrociousness 

Society sought to change you, 

Economic struggles enabled you, Dysfunctionality encouraged you, 

But no one can situate the blame with you

Just stop and think and contemplate,

Before you continue to aggregate,

Because the establishment won’t deviate,

so it’s time for you to make a change

Shift the paradigm of the young males of Britain 

Stop the aggression and learn to listen

Pick up a book and read 

Pick up a pen and write 

Education is your friend

The only weapon you can use to fight 

Is it cool to get locked up?

Yet still an increase of crime 

You’re filling their pockets up 

It’s time to change that paradigm 

Or it’ll get worse and the blood will flow

From the cold flesh of the ones we love 

The ones we love


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Love Conquers All ►


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Connie Walter

Thu 7th Jun 2018 09:04

Thank you for your comment J R Harris, I appreciate the compliment ?

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J R Harris

Thu 24th May 2018 11:31

Wonderful... well structured and very hard hitting. Thank you for sharing this

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