Condemning the evil that I clearly see 

Condemning the evil inside of me 

And you, and every politician priest and Jew

No I’m not antisemitic

So stop with that rhetoric

I’m anti elitist anti inequality 

anti facilitating systems that suppress autonomy     

It’s just a continuation 

of the rise and fall of nations 

Empires shifting to the west 

They leave destruction and take the best-

-Economic and technological systems 

Because that’s how they ensure that they enslave them-

-Them, you, me, and every member of your family

Working a 40 hour week in one of the most developed of nations

Barely affording bills as inequality worsens 

Price of living dramatically increasing 

but wages increase incrementally 

Can’t you see how they do they’re policing?

Education breeds conformity 

Education kills creativity  

So don’t question 

Get in line 

Just get to work on time 

Get an Aldi on finance 

& a mortgage from the bank

Don’t question just earn 

Acquire debt don’t learn 

No need to read a book 

Innovation we surely took 

From you and me and all humanity 

Just 27 grand for a degree

Education is marketised 

Student finance not subsidised 

Whilst degrees fall in value of worth

There’s no way in hell you’ll find a job on earth 

So we’ll colonise mars with Elon musk 

Destroy that to because who gives a fuck

Mother Earth she will fight back

She’ll come with vengeance remorse she’ll lack 

Every building she will tear down 

Every man made thing she’ll surely drown

In the magnum of her glory 

She’ll restore peace and orderly 

But not before complete anarchy 

War is waging can’t you see

Europe Russia Iran and China 

Empires fall don’t let it surprise ya 

The global powers paradigm 

Will surely shift again through time

But let’s not lose site of the truth 

Revolutions start with the youth 

Education is paramount

Global leaders to take account

Everything that you see is premeditated 

Following the protocol of the ones instigated 

To design and create a pyramidical system 

To suppress consciousness so we don’t refute them

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Brian Maryon

Thu 24th May 2018 12:23's not a mountain of debt in the traditional way. It's a surtax they pay, that's all. Graduates earn higher wages. Isn't this the 'soak the rich' all the socialists cry for?

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Thu 24th May 2018 11:57

A vivid poetic picture of whats happening.We are on a sinking ship.Well done.You should change the title to Conniedemnation .It was a pleasure to read."degrees fall in value of worth."So true, degree winners stacking shelves in Tesco.A mammoth mountain of debt to deal with in the future when they earn over 24 grand.

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Connie Walter

Thu 24th May 2018 10:35

I wouldn’t say anger is the sole source of emotion.. although I understand how it may come across that way.. more disappointment in humanity as a whole and a longing for peace and equality ?

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Brian Maryon

Thu 24th May 2018 10:25

Hi Connie - I've developed a nose for this...I'm detecting a certain amount of anger and I right?

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