Pearls Pure – the journey of my life

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I am just an ordinary worshipper of Lord Almighty

Sleeping within the grave of my beautiful shell

From afar a dust particle entered the doors of my shell grave

And became the cause of my intense pain and grief


The white sheets are covering me layer by layer

A new life is about to begin for me

I am choking within the layers of these white sheets

Earnestly making prayers to my Dear Rabb (Lord) almighty


The pain is increasing with every breath I take and release

But no one has the power to fight against the tides of destiny

In this pain is the medicine for me to live my life

My pain gently consoles my ailing soul


Everything happens by the will of Allah almighty

I am just living a life of hope

What the future holds is not a business of worshipper to seek

I am just awaiting the new morning of my dreams


The loneliness within my grave and sheets white, scares me

The darkness goes on increasing second by second

But I am fast holding the blanket of hope firm unto my Lord

This is the true faith that the holy Quran has blessed me


There will soon be a morning anew and I will be set free

Patience and gratitude is the only medicine to my pain

Till a true worshipper has her prayers with her as her weapon

Her hopes and dreams of her heart will neither die nor break


The morning so impatiently awaited has arrived

The closed chained doors are going to break open

And I will dance in cheerfulness, the fresh air of my freedom

I will finally attain my freedom from all the ghosts of darkness


As the door of my shell opened

A true worshipper of my Lord was standing there

He was smiling looking at a cobblestone like me

I could not understand why he smiled seeing me


I was just too happy to attain my freedom

But I was quite shocked at the people’s reaction

Why are all these people smiling at me?

Probably they are feeling sad about my situation and my strife


Now when I saw myself in the mirror

Am I actually the image that I see in the mirror? I reflected.

So white, so pure

Now I understood the plan of my Allah almighty.


Today I am that pure white pearl

I was just an unknown creature once

I still remember the realities of my life

It enlightens humbleness and thankfulness


I am that white pure pearl

That was being searched for by a worshipper true

If he wanted, he could have sold me

But he kept me in his precious, true and pure deep heart


This is also the will and plan of My Allah, the Lord Almighty

That HE made me the beauty of the heart of a worshipper true

Had he not fallen so deeply in love with a soul like me

He would have sold me to others in the lustful market impure


Today I take immense pride in those dark days of my life

Which were nothing but blessings of my Lord almighty

It was all a perfect plan and strategy of my Merciful Lord

To make me a pearl pure and be given to a pearl true and pure

◄ Ramadan - The Month of Fasting

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