An Actor Writes From His Dressing Room...

The room turns cold on my entry
Chilled by the endless winter in my heart
That came one day when I was younger
And never began to thaw
Now the icicles of loneliness reach
They hang above this crooked form
This bent back scribbling at it's desk
Well I've tried to fake some warmth
I've stood outside and screamed at the sky
But this emotionless, empty heart
Will never melt, or heal, or bloom again
Now all of the love I've acted out
Just inverts into hate and boomerangs
And I can't stand or leave this chair now
I refill my pen and pour more wine
I recline under the weight of sadness
That I could never be blessed
With love, or loyalty, or warmth
All I do is write about my missing pieces
So unsure if, or when, I'll ever find them
Maybe I am not deserving of saviour
But I'm still vain enough to hope...


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