Tell a girl she is beautiful and she will think your are nice,

Show a girl you appreciate her kind soul and she will in time see her beauty.

Tell a girl she is worth it and she will smile and thank you,

Show a girl you trust in her and stand by her 

And she will know she is worth a sacrifice.

Tell a girl she is smart and she will laugh and deny it,

Fall victim to her wit and ask her how she does it 

And she will come to an understanding of her in depth intelligence.

Tell a girl she is strong and she will call herself weak,

Show a girl you can be weak and she will know it is okay to be strong.

Tell a girl you love her and she will say I love you too,

Show a girl nothing but high standards and she will say

No, I love you.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 19th May 2018 14:44

Very insightful. You highlight a lot of female attitudes in these few lines. I think the title is excellent.

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