I have withdrawn

to the smallest corners of my mind

I sit in a little chair

nose in the crack where two walls meet

cheek in tongue in cheek

I have withdrawn 

from all the things I love

paint has splintered with dried inattention

words have shriveled with silent derision

the moments cherished in deepest memories

feel so far from me

over and over I extract myself from the world

like a little diamond from the rock

chiseled from my hiding spot

left to sparkle on my own

bare backed under the microscope

this is what I withdraw from

from the eyes that pry

and also decry

my naked existence

I never knew a gem

could be so dull

and that in a world so full

I could be so alone

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Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz

Fri 18th May 2018 17:16

Thank you Keith. I appreciate your comments.

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keith jeffries

Thu 17th May 2018 23:34

An imaginative work of introspection to which I can easily relate. Thank you for this

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