Ramadan - The Month of Fasting

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Finally the day is at our door

All eyes so anxiously await

To see the crescent in the sky

New moon as it slowly arise


The duas already in line

Wishes and dreams divine

Have so much to ask my Rabb

As this Ramadan finally arrives


Impatiently the day was awaited

All the preparations finally done

Now the hour slowly approaches

To clean our hearts of every grit


I wish to enter this month

With true righteousness and piety

From head to heart and body to soul

Preparing each day to clean that’s stale


Forgiving those who have done me wrong

And seeking forgiveness from those I wronged

All that is forgiven and forgotten from deepest heart

With a peaceful soul we embark the holy task


The only toil through the day and night

Is to remember my Rabb All mighty

The dhikr be on my tongue and heart

While sleeping I may repeat the same act


This month of Ramadan was waited anxiously

Throughout the year and previously

Hope to seek the mercy, forgiveness and the Love

Of Allah my only one true Rabb.


May Allah help us all embark this beautiful journey,

With hearts peaceful, forgiving and divine

Let piety be the adornment of our body and soul

Let truthfulness, honesty and forgiveness be our parasol


May my prayers be accepted in our favour

May Allah pave our way righteously into this path

May Allah row us to our destinations

Earning the very divine bread through sincere work


May our hearts be always true and sincere

Our intentions be pure and crystal clear

No arrogance and pride dominates

Humbleness and humility be our crown today


I wish you all a very happy Ramadan

May you be blessed with every good in all the worlds

And may Allah accept your fasts and deeds good

In your favour for today and for the life to come


May your palace in paradise shine bright

This Ramadan may your divine home has divine light

May the angels of jannah gather every inch of your deed

And place it as gold rocks in your palace to be


Happy Ramadan!!!

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Wed 16th May 2018 14:06

Pleasure! Thank you for your poetry x

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Ghazala Lari

Wed 16th May 2018 13:58

thank you dear Anya.


Wed 16th May 2018 12:25

Hello Ghazala,

God bless you! Happy Ramadan to you!

Thank you for sharing your heart, with all the WOLers.

Anya x

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