No Beach

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US Embassy 




Hi Honey


Well we've taken up residence  and what have we got?

We got an army of angry arabs

We got peaceful protesters starting to fight

The whole town looks like it's made of sand

But there's no goddam beach in sight

(Gee I'm gonna miss that)


We got mass killings in Gaza

Hamas are stirring things up

The religion in this town is an utter sham

You wouldn't believe the tackiness

Give my regards to Uncle Sam


Love you


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 15th May 2018 13:27

I tell you something Brian, the US Embassy staff are really going to miss the debauchery and partying they could indulge in whilst in Tel Aviv, it's all God and Blood up there on "The Mount".

Fuck em, that's what I say.

An interesting dynamic can occur and did occur between The British Embassy and The British Consulate staff. I had a former colleague who worked at the British Consulate in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is far more exposed to the Palestinian people and thus so are the employees of the Consulate. There was a very frosty atmosphere between the Consulate Staff in Jerusalem and the British Embassy Staff in Tel Aviv, the Embassy staff were viewed as having gone native to the Israeli cause by those employed at the Consulate. I wonder if US Staff may become more aware of the Palestinian cause and some of its legitimacy after the move to Jerusalem. I do doubt the possibility for change as the Israeli influence poured upon US Staff is like a constant bombardment. We'll see.

More Americans in Jerusalem will be bloody annoying though, all their loud brash talk in the best restaurants, that's definitely a down side. I trivialise, obviously.

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