Creativity is a manifestation 

Of dealing with life and the sins of creation  

We realise corruption and premeditation 

We seek to find beauty in all things misshapen 

We search for the glimmer of holyistic light 

To blur out the badness with beauty through site 

Or drown out the devil with music and words 

That reflects our supression & feelings to the life we’d have preferred

Mother Earth how they ruined thee

With man’s lust for desires we caused anarchy 

Business developed which made us consumers 

Distraction and wants are how they refute us 

They’ve got us sidetracked with financial worry 

Anxiously crippled but still in a hurry 

To obtain a career, a nice car and a house 

Keeping us lusting for things and divided with doubt 

They play on our fears which manifests into hate 

Society divides and ignorance remains 

Some people turn to patriarchic values 

Facilitated by what they see on the news 

Don’t hate the player just hate the game 

But this game has prisoners, death, war and pain 

Innocent peoples lives are destroyed 

All part of our leaders political ploys 

so pick up your paint brush and turn up your music

and learn to escape with all things creative. 



◄ Ignorance is bliss

Changing tides ►


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Connie Walter

Fri 11th May 2018 08:17

Thank you Keith, much appreciated ☺️ X

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keith jeffries

Thu 10th May 2018 23:08

Well said and beautifully crafted. It also rings true in this world of stress, anxiety and materialism. Thank you.

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