A look into what is, what may be, and taken for granted,

I ask myself, Am I privileged?

With a master's degree, a job, 3 kids, big house and hopes for a dog,

I look around and ask, What have I to lack?

As I enjoy my pleasures 

And watch time pass

I do my best to protect and enjoy this life that we work so hard to build

As I struggle to keep my kids informed 

This life is not the norm,

The world faces war, fear, danger, hunger

Yet we as a nation still grow stronger

While we face hypocrisy and plans to build walls to separate the unity,

To divide and conquer others to put us first 

We need to hug our brothers and sisters and invite them in

Show them compassion and love

And teachings from above

Let us not fill our time with hate

But learn to congregate 

With our families, neighbors, and friends

Learn to make amends

And keep the peace 

  in the streets


So am I privileged I ask?

Yes, because while our brothers are dying

Our sisters are crying

And I'm still here trying to survive

And make you notice a written word

For which may go unheard.


My privilege is something given 

For being born in a place that grants us freedom

For being born with fair skin

For being able to walk or drive down a street safely at night

For having opportunity

For not being deemed suspicious  

For not being seen as dangerous


These are the things that we become too comfortable with and expect 

Because we grew up in an era that was full of neglect 

So wake up and realize that privilege was at the expense of others

The others that aren't able to walk free

That don't get the opportunity 

That can't walk safely at night

That causes others fright

For just being who they are

These are your neighbors

These are your friends

Let us change the course 

Let us make amends 

Let us pray for peace and unity


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Kimberly Ray

Fri 8th Nov 2019 21:16

@Martin, yes - this has been performed live and has been well received. Thanks all.

Big Sal

Mon 30th Jul 2018 18:19

I was born poor in a country rich with assholes. America wouldn't stand for its own pledge, much less mine. But good poem nonetheless.?

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Tue 8th May 2018 06:49

Kimberly I am surly privileged living so long and being able write my words hoping one day people will wake up and put things right for all . Very good poem . Love Wendy x

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Martin Elder

Sun 6th May 2018 20:14

Wow I can feel the force and passion in this as it almost leaps of the page. I can't help feeling that this would be excellent live. Have you read it at a an open mic yet.
Nice one

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Sun 6th May 2018 08:08

A positive poetic ray written by Kimberly Ray.Well done.

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Brian Maryon

Sun 6th May 2018 07:51

I am grateful every day to have been born in the UK.

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