On A Day That Is Rare The Past Claimed Itself As The Present

Drunk and ready to prove myself to anyone and everyone that I can do just about anything

I took hold of the greenback, falsey faced

Walked towards the man with so much disgrace

The exchange became known and the sugar was in place

All dishonesty erased through the clouded eyes of the laced

A white snake laid belly up on the surface

Within two moments it slithered into my face

The rush and the taste

Disgrace found a new place


A drink was given

After several more installations

The taste of a wagon from the 40s and the dirt and the sand

I saw boot prints and rustic teeth

Another and another till the vessel was emptied

And the morning called to me

The sac was also emptied

Curtains and blankets and sheets by the count to cover the light



Not again

For my friend you shouldn't go

Don't leave me here alone with this stranger you bestowed

A kiss

An accident

The most fearful embrace


Not again

Another, it is clear you are not my friend

When your hands, they gripped me

And my eyes became wide with blood rushing forcefully inside

Into the wall, I thought maybe I could hide

Into the wall and become a roach of some kind

Flump to the cabinets

To the couch we made way

The disgrace had found a new place


I kiss, maybe this should happen

To move on and not hurt

To make it my choice as well

Not something I cannot control

But no!

How could I?

My eyes like mine and a heart that beats so hard it might as well pop out of my chest


I push

And sleep hits him hard

Like a bastard who got their lucky card

A safe place

My cheeks wet and hot and black from sinking

My keys are lost

I sneak through the passway and open the door

And once more see the face of disgrace and learn and rancor


What is this place? I don't feel it

I don’t remember these trees and these stones

I have to go

I'm not sure where

I must find somewhere

A ditch came to mind

Somewhere I can hide

A safe place

I can go

And never know

That rancid face of disgrace


A mile ahead, a hat that I shed

Honking and yelling but in the distance?
My breathing had such a strong scent almost to make  a sound


That face, that place that monstrous disgrace

I forgotten for months and almost a year and again you come back?!

For what?

You don't know that I am here, but time what have you done?

To put me back and undo everything I have done?

To heat up my skin and turn it bright red

For my colleges to see me unhinged from my head

Never again

I cannot believe you

That disgrace was in place

And tried to find a new face

But not here and not me you stay where you are

And I will dismiss you once more

And make way for my friends

To make way for the ends that are beautiful and mine

And something I made with my hands and my mind

Off I will

Not towards it but away

To make my cheeks hot and wet and black all again

I move away

No never again

You stay away, disgrace

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Paul Sayer

Fri 10th Jul 2020 17:04


The answers are exactly where you left them.

Now is the time!

Jeannette Polski

Fri 10th Jul 2020 16:47


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kishore karunik

Fri 4th May 2018 00:59


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