dim the light

the multitudes will use that road

built on years of lies

the path of truth will be overgrown

overgrown by thistles and thorns

they detest travelling along it

they will blame the mirror

for their faces that are askew

obsessed with all those praises

the high sounding empty titles

sycophants singing those praises

hear the dirges out there

the fools are followed everywhere

leading the gullible into precipices

the fate of visionaries is known

this light can never be dimmed

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<Deleted User> (4244)

Fri 18th Dec 2009 19:52

thanks for all the wonderful comments.they make me feel like going on and on writing and re-writing.that is what writing is all about.at times we simply throw away master pieces for we are our own merciless critics.if i manage to provoke debate i will have accomplished my goal as an artist.readers should unravel the layers of meaning or the absence of such layers.i will let my work do most of the talking. i may however answer questions.at times i simply get into a trance when a poem or any piece of writing is in the process of being delivered by natural birth not by caesarean section! let the river of words flow.let us share experiences.

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winston plowes

Fri 11th Dec 2009 20:05

Religious overtones of hymes for me of this road to salvation. Although I may be completely wide of the mark. Nice words in any case Jabulani. Winston

<Deleted User> (7164)

Fri 11th Dec 2009 13:51

interesting analogies used in this poem.
Love the last two lines and the mirror reference.


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