Tales of Bothnia

 ..For Deb:


Fly from thee, my friend to be,
Our Voyage thro' the lucid sea.


"Indeed, thee Bothnian Sea."


Ay, throughout the Bothnian Sea,
we go my friend to be.


"Th' Horizon is closer cant yee see?"


We must pass thro' Archipelago,
To the gulf! make haste! we go!
we must reach the Bothnian sea!
Be where our sins repented, our conscience free.


"yee, thee wonders of th' Bothnian Sea,
where the salt is drought an' still,
A quench of thrist? well have your fill!"


Yes! that is the Bothnian Sea,
where all is equal, an' yet still free.


"Shall we stop at Vaasa?
Or conseirge throu' Oulu,"


Surely the latter is faster,
tho' avoid the screaming men of Oulu!


"Yes my friend, indeed thast is faster."


An now we are closer than ever,
How do I taste thee sweet weather.
Within the Bothnian sea?


"Oh my friend to be,
niave indeed are we.
For nought within this sea,
canst keep us warm an' free."


Mutiny.. the taste lingers still,
As My lungs shall fill,
with the saltless liquid of'
The great Bothnian Sea!
My place of rest to be...

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Deborah Jordan

Fri 11th Dec 2009 21:03

Ah my friend, if upon such a voyage we embark, I fear we shall need the icebreaker and jackets made from down, 4 a-piece and sealskins made of vegan seals, for the weather may be cruel. I vote we call first at Vaasa, we may run short of fish or tea or fuel, then onward, ever onward my new friend, for I must take my chances with screaming men. I shall verily stand side on to such men and scream back, "BE QUIET YE MEN OF OULU", I shall say, "FOR, ahem.. I bring you cheese from far off lands where all the land is green and milk and honey flow". Yes, my new friend, I have need to cross the ice to Oulu, for I have hear tell it is a city of writers and artists and musicians and from there we could take the night train and watch the arctic,turn,back into water. Lick the ice while you can my new friend, lick the ice while you can. De-Borah

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