barely-rhymed sonnet : Love and Law

The universe -- a single act of love,
it’s said; and ever so, then, must remain;
is never other; has no place for hate,
save in the minds and hearts of less than men..

the universe -- a single, lawful law;
from which all laws emerge, as reason does;
emerge as justice, in those laws observed;
and known and lived, a promise of true bliss;

may we, then, share a single, wholesome view
in which the love of law, and law of love
rest warm in heart and bright in eye and mind,
and meet to know this mercy from above ?

Thus live as the Creator’s mind – a prayer
I barely dare; yet hope That heart to share..


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<Deleted User> (6560)

Sat 19th Dec 2009 16:04

Cynthia, 'Conversation' is a wonderful poem subject. I can imagine the 'greats' such as Herbert, Donne, Shakespeare, Browning, oh the lot, taking it to wonderful places -- you too ?

Mozart and his librettist make a great duet out of love and law at the end of Magic Flute. I guess it was strong in Freemasonry at the time.

I do a lot of spiritual reading with poetic inspiration in mind. This one's from Hinduism specifically, Advaita Vedanta.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 19th Dec 2009 15:42

Michael, where do you spiritually roost, I wonder. This is an insightful poem, beautifully presented, rhyming no problem.
The expression of 'Law' and 'Love' used almost interchangeably isn't new. Browning adhered to it. Mary Baker Eddy trumpetted it. Plato too, up to a point?
Only recently I read again that the word 'universe' in its original use literally meant 'law'.
With whom do you ever actually have conversations? I asked a United Church minister that question once and he looked at me piercingly, suspecting sauciness maybe. Then he must have recognized my sincerity and said: 'No one.'

I didn't think there was an omission.

<Deleted User> (6560)

Wed 9th Dec 2009 23:45

Sorry about that...'never other than it is'..

<Deleted User> (7164)

Wed 9th Dec 2009 22:46

''is never other'' lost me a bit. Maybe it's me but it doesn't appear to make sense.

I love the sentiment within the poem though.
The last line's a treasure.


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