A Simple Life Process (Poem)

Though we reunite on special days and occasions.


Laughing and catching up on old days.


Some born, some pass away, 


To another world watching over us, every day.


Though we cannot fathom the very day,


Where one will part away, 


To another world, 


And leave our place.


It is this day and age, 


We must accept,


The rules that were set,


When we entered this world.


Body dies but the soul remains.


And what remains is memories, 


That we hold so deep,


Deep in our heart,


Deep in our soul, 


As we rock our child,


And reminisce the joys,


A new treasure,


And the old one dies.


A simple life process of life and death,


Choices and love,


Intuition and failure,


They all lead back to the way,


The destiny and the journey, 


Above all.


Though the process may seem difficult, 


And hard to bear.


And in our mind we cannot find, 


The logic, of loss and grief. 


We’re all on a journey,


Of undiscovered potential.


Some simply forget, 


Then leave this planet before.


Wasted energy,


As we fret the why’s.


And the so called memories, 


That make us cry.


We don’t understand death,


We all return home,


On another journey,


In another world.


A part of us remains,


In this world with our loves.


And another in a dimension, 


That never ends.


We’re all misfits in another sense,


Trying to make sense of this world,


Without end.


But as we are on the front lines,


Living our life,


Making the best,


Of the treachery and zeal.


Lessons are learned, and remembered,


In this chaotic world, 


Of dread or fulfillment.


Perception is grappling, for our attention,


To win its previous,


Lying scheme. 


But doesn’t win,


As we lay the grounds,


And choose the latter,


And not the dread.


The pen is in our hand, 


In this undiscovered land,


Of hope, faith and love.


Of undiscovered potential we have,


A world of greed,


A world of generosity and deeds.


Though the choice is ours, 


When we remain stagnant, 


We wake up asleep, and forget the dream. 


Though the choice is ours, 


To our awakening, 


Let’s choose life,


And wake up at eighty,


With dreams never shattered,


And lives never wasted.


Only fulfillment, 


And love that stays.


Let’s not forget, 


The reason for our arrival, 


And the reason for our departure, 


When we’re old and wrinkly,


And we shall say, 


Let’s die in peace,


Our mission is fulfilled.



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