Marsden Junior School and Lily Lane Primary School Pupils' Cuckoo Festival Poems

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For Marsden Cuckoo Day April 21st 2018, Pupils of Marsden Junior School and Lily Lane Primary School, Moston, Manchester, wrote their own poems which they performed at the festival, and which appeared on posters in Marsden shop and café windows.

The theme was Our Words Have No Limits 


Our words have no limits, 

I can do what I want, 

Nothing can stop me, 

I will always be free, 

Just like cuckoo, who flew away,

Even though the people wanted him to stay.

Words allow me to express my feelings.


Our words have no limits, 

I will do what I love, 

Reach for the stars, 

I won’t trap my dreams in jars.

By Meadow Daley



Our words have no limits, 

I can reach for the stars, 

Just like the cuckoo, 

Who flew away, 

Words will make freedom stay


Our words have no limits, 

I like to do what I want, 

Just like the cuckoo, 

I am different to everyone else.

By Lara Gartland


Words have no limits, 

Limits have no words, 

Words can make you fly so high, 

Like the cuckoo in the sky, 

Or take your frown far down, 

Turn you smile upside down, 

Nothing can stop me, 

My words will fly free.


Words have no limits, 

And limits have no words, 

They can make us powerful and strong, 

As free as cuckoo signing their story, 

As the cuckoo passes through, 

The seasons change too, 

Words have no limits, 

Limits have no words.

By Hannah Hoey


N nothing can and will ever stop me

O only I will reach for the stars


L living and flying over the village

I instead of being trapped in a tower

M magnificent cuckoo stealing eggs from nests

I I do what I want and reach for my goals

T towering over the village of Marsden

S spring cannot stay forever




Words have no limits, 

Adventurous, powerful, 

Like the cuckoos song.


A majestic bird, 

Gliding through the silent sky, 

Then comes cuckoos song.

By Jess Beckingham


Our words have no limits, 

Ill do what I like, 

Ill reach for the stars, 

Or ride my bike


The birds are our goals, 

They guide us to light, 

We watch them unfold, 

The secrets they’ve told.

By Edie Speakman


Our words have no limits, 

There is nothing we can’t do, 

You see the birds, 

High in the sky, 

Waiting to say goodbye.


Nothing can stop us, 

Even when we’re down, 

When the cuckoos fly around, 

Our words have no limits, 

And I am here to prove it.

By Summer Reade


I am free, sly little cuckoo

High in the sky like the cuckoo flying over Marsden

Above the heads of the people that tried to catch him

Very free, yes he was an escape artist

Eagle-like, soaring over the world


Nothing can and ever will stop me

Only I have no limits


Living and flying over Marsden

In the woods flying

Many eggs being stolen

I am free just like the birds

The wings spread just like butter on bread

So I am only me, I am freeee!




The egg stealing bird, 

Also known as the cuckoo, 

Flew out of the tower


Freedom is endless, 

The high sky is no limit, 

It will keep going


Words are funny things, 

They can be good & also bad, 

Words have no limits.

By Joseph Meade



Words have no limits, 

We’ll do what we like, 

Nothing can stop me, 

When flying like a kyte.


We like to be free, 

Birds fly high, 

Because we can see, 

Their wings spread like butter on bread.


Rhyme and rhythm is the key, 

To express what we want to be, 

We will paint a picture, 

Of what we want to see, 

I am free, 

I am free.


Words have no limits, 

You can never stop words.

You use them when you speak, 

You use them when you write.


We use them every day, 

At any time.

See you can never stop using words, 

It is like a cuckoo, 

That if you try and trap it, 

It always finds a way out.


That is like words too,

Nothing can stop words.

Words have no limits.

By Diamond Fasogbon


Words have no limits, 

They reach up to the sky.

Millions of words flying high, 

Every time one is spoken.


They can fix, 

They can mend, 

But also they never end.


They are infinite and alive, 

They are immortal and strong as they are 

So fly high little words, 

For I will use you till the day I die.

By Billy Wimbury


Words have no limits, 

You can never say they do, 

Every word you right is definitely true, 

You can write and write and never stop, 

Because words have no limits.


There is no line that you can’t cross, 

You can write words upon words that never stop, 

Even if you think your sentences are about to flop, 

Because words have no limits.


A book tells a story, 

With thousands of words

Pictures and stories, truth and lies, 

Dreams and disaster, words too

Can always tell the future,

And if you believe words have no limits, 

What a brilliant future life holds for you, 

Because words have no limits, 

Especially for me and you.

By Bobbi Jo Schofield (pictured next to her poem in Moose Café window)


Words have no limits, 

It only takes a minute, 

To brighten someone’s day, 

And take their fears away.

It only takes a second, 

To not think before you speak, 

And hurt someone’s feelings for over a week.


Have no fear, 

Put your brain into gear, 

So everyone can hear you’re sincere, 

Beautiful, honest, kind words


By Ellie-Mae Riley 


Words have no limits yes its true, 

Just believe me they’re great for you.

Words, they can make you, 

They can break you, 

They can fill you, 

Or kill you.


These are words, just believe in them.

By Mary Ojomo


You see something,

I feel happy – beauty 

I can feel the sky, 

I feel very happy for some reason, 

For words have no limits.

By Diana Ahonga


Words have no limits, 

Don’t get me started, 

Because words are endless, 

‘oh’ some can make, 

And some can break, 

But seriously words have no limits.


Words have no limits, 

Words have minutes, 

Not limits!

If we didn’t get to talk, 

Our world would be so boring, 

“Coz” we couldn’t say things that we have in common with friends, 

So words have no limits.


Words have no limits, 

Someone said to me once, 

I said no,

Words have no limits, 

“Coz” whats the point talking, 

When you have limits on your words.

So honestly words have no limits.


So remember this poem, 

About words have no limits, 

Just bare that in mind, 

Because it is really true.

By Gracie Miguel 


Words have no limit, 

Just give me a minute, 

And I’ll tell you all about it, 


Words are as light as a feather, 

And they are as hard as leather, 

They put you through your paces, 

And put a smile on your faces.


Words can be mindful, 

And also powerful, 

They are peaceful, 

They don’t bother people, 

But they are still a handful.


That’s all I know about words, 

Because words have no limits, 

They can run free, 

And fly high, 

They have no limits.

By Precious Fabunmi


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<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 24th Apr 2018 15:55

this is such an inspiring project and one that needs replicating across the land. With recent reports highlighting the divides within many communities anything that brings youngsters from different backgrounds together can only have a positive outcome. Well done to everyone involved.

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Brian Maryon

Mon 23rd Apr 2018 20:06

Good efforts by all the children! Hope they continue in this vein.

BTW cuckoos don't steal eggs. They lay their egg in another bird"s nest.

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