Slipped Away

Time flies so fast 

You no longer kid, not even naive 
Precise and relevant when you speak 
Adamant in the decision 
Unbreakable, unreadable lips 
I felt aghast the "change" slipped the love away

Mourning every morning I wake up 
Your face and image engraved upon my heart 
Crying like innocent, eyes glazed with glassy layers of tears
I bit my lips to hide any sound that wanted to escape from my mouth. 
Calming myself but it's hard for me to do
Asking from a shadow covered by guilt

Why we parted? 
Why now heart belong to someone? 
Why can't be me?
Why can't be you?

I clatter to the ground and let the pain tumble out. 
Sigh, Convincing myself 
Maybe today, maybe tomorrow 
My love for you will slip away 
Just like your love... just slipped away

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