Floral Evensong


The day slept long

and the honeysuckle roared 

jaws unsewn

siren sounds for night-flight hawks

to lick her pink and yellow hollow

bring sweet syrup to her lips

to satisfy and saturate

and permeate her pollen.



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Laura Taylor

Thu 19th Apr 2018 11:31

Thanks Trev! Didn't think I'd be able to fettle that prompt but it was a very interesting way to go about it. The draft that I produced from applying it to the Nin poem was really very different from the final poem above. I proper enjoyed the process, have to say.

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Laura Taylor

Thu 19th Apr 2018 10:14

Hahaa Stu 😀

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Stu Buck

Wed 18th Apr 2018 20:45

had to read this again with a cushion on my lap

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Trevor Alexander

Wed 18th Apr 2018 16:28

That prompt looked a bit hard to me, so I tried my own. You've done a good job with it though.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 18th Apr 2018 14:47

13th poem for NaPoWriMo 2018

Today's prompt was: Pick a poem. Cover up every thing but the last line. Write a line that completes the thought of that line or otherwise responds to it. Then uncover 2nd to last line and do the same – this gives you the 2nd line of your new poem. Keep going until you get to the 1st line of your source poem, which you complete and respond to as the last line in your own poem. It probably won't be the finished draft, but hopefully will contain the seeds of one. I used 'Risk' by Anaïs Nin, which probably explains the nature of this one!

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