When the truth breaks free

I woke up and everything had changed,

restored to factory settings,

switched off at the wall,

a software update I hadn’t signed off.


All my contacts could see my history,

they were talking to each other about me,

sharing my photos and peccadilloes,

showing my location for all to see.


But nothing had changed,

all things were the same the truth had been set free,

but the world was now devouring me.



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Hannah Collins

Tue 17th Apr 2018 16:44

A Hi Tech nightmare.
The machines are dumb yet they know it all, only because we've told them !
Very relevant with Facebook stuff and the interrogation of Mark Zuckerberg - is he completely human?
A poem we can all relate to.


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 16th Apr 2018 17:12

Thanks for the likes also.


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 16th Apr 2018 12:49

Thanks for your comments Ray, it’s good to hear from as wide an opinion base as possible.

I don’t feel morally courageous and am not sure it’s a label I’d like, it sounds a bit righteous to me, I’m just a disillusioned beaten down prole who is fed up of it. I keep hearing other people are too, but we can’t seem to find United opposition.

I think social media can be a force for great good, but something has gone desperately wrong.

Thanks again Ray,


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Mon 16th Apr 2018 10:51

I think your question about courage is very pertinent here David. The dangers are perhaps twofold. THe harvesting of personal information to find commercial advantage,though apparently beneficial, can be easily turned to less salubrious motives. What sort of society do we want when merely material gains are envisaged, without moral implications being considered. There is an ensnaring effect which simply gives way to bigger and more pervasive influences. The second factor to my mind, re online sites etc is that idiots as you rightfully mention are basically gratuitous twats who are after a feeling of power, which I suppose is tempting . The negative overtakes the positive so often and there's little we can do about it other than get heavy, which I am sure would be something you would know something about.
One of the things I find rather distasteful (gut feeling really) is the bombardment of TV charity ads
to make us feel guilty. Do we need this sort of resuscitation of the spirit to make us valid citizens? Perhaps we do. All the best to you mate. Coming back to courage at last: those of your moral stamina have it thank goodness.


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 16th Apr 2018 07:10

Thanks folks,

The comments are far more interesting than the piece, thankfully.

Graham, your comment opens up some good points. Of course being open with the truth is very different from privacy I think. There is omission and there are lies, because a truth exists it doesn't mean it has to be shared, does it?

Part of the issue I had on this site when I decided to be open was that it appeared some wanted more. I feel it was thought that my openness was dishonest, there was a rather pathetic and transparent attempt made to lure me into disclosing more about myself, requests for photographs, regimental history etc. Of course I declined knowing that the disclosure of specific information could expose me to a real attack using social media etc. If those people had any nouse at all they could easily have deduced further information from what was already given, thankfully they were idiots.

The truth is once we are here the damage is done, a little gap in the armour and the virus is in.

Ironically I have exploited these weaknesses myself for gain (instructed by legitimate corporate entities and wealthy private individuals) maybe it is because of that I believe there is very little we can do to combat it. It is a theory that the only way to eradicate the exploitation of private information is to make it all public, a free for all.

Such a manœuvre would put many nasty little traders out of business. Of course it would never be possible to implement, it is a theory which could never work in practice, the fabric of society would break down. We have to be able to lie and deceive within our current model of living it's how the world works at present. Until we value honesty and openness as much as we value deceit and secrecy it will not change, and that change starts with an individual act.

Who has the courage?


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suki spangles

Mon 16th Apr 2018 01:22

Hi David,

With regard to social media - if you are offered a platform for free (Facebook, Goolag, etc.), you are the product being sold..

I'm sorry to hear you were trolled -and here on WoL of all places! I have seen the way people misuse social media to hurt and spy on others. Really is pathetic..


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Sun 15th Apr 2018 19:15

Hi David. Whatever the spin offs your thoughts have caused, and with all the ramifications and challenges that media revelations can throw up , I see a little chink of 1984 breaking through which was certainly ground breaking at the time, with echoes carrying on. Most of what happens in society is designed to scare the shit out of us, if only to give credence to those supposedly in charge of the country. The arguments are endless, best left to those who have most to lose.
A cleverly expressed piece, as always powerful in its message.


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Graham Sherwood

Sun 15th Apr 2018 14:43

What an interesting thread this is becoming. The Truth! Now that is a rather controversial state of play. Would it be good if the truth was open to all? Shouldn't we all be allowed some privacy, especially about our whereabouts (monitored by mobile phones and CCTV) shopping habits (monitored by so-called loyalty cards) social and sexual preferences (monitored by our web browsing history) etc.

I would say it is harder to be off the grid than on it these days. Google would find some gossip in a Trappist Monastery!


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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 15th Apr 2018 09:50

Haha, very funny Brian.

The truth is one doesn't have to break the law to get information these days, pick a contributor on here and have a delve, look at the plethora of information available that they may not wish to disclose. I have worked in the world of investigations in London and seen what can be found by more questionable means, from garbology to getting bank accounts, anything you want. Running high class hookers into Geneva hotels, targeting pathetic world cup bidders, I've seen opposing teams sitting in Hotel lobbies eyeing each other and their targets up for the kill, haha, and these fat cats happily jumping into bed with professional ladies, people are stupid.

With that in mind, when we sign up to social media everybody now knows what it means. Yes, you can take measures and we should not expect our information to be traded for profit, which is mainly what the legal issues are currently about regarding Cambridge Analytica.

The truth really could be something not to be scared of, but only if we behave properly toward each other. The truth being known is often only feared when it discloses our own questionable behaviour, or obstructs us discovering someone else's.

Dr Watson.

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Brian Maryon

Sun 15th Apr 2018 09:38

Going off on a tangent, I recently had to track someone down and all I knew about her was her christian name, roughly where she lived (approx 1 square mile) and that she worked approx 2 - 10 pm. Using facebook, instagram and google maps/streetview I was able to find out her full name and that of her parents, where they lived, where they worked and their car reg numbers. This was because all the info was out there in the public domain.

BTW I live at 221b Baker Street.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 15th Apr 2018 09:18

Thanks Brian,

I know it is hardly a new thought is it.

Like many I have been protective about my past before, for various reasons, especially my employment history.

I even had some despicable people on this website who questioned some of my very basic information, I was attacked and trolled and ridiculed, some of their cronies even joined in to liven up their obviously dull lives. Anyway, they have faded back into their droll existence now. I am sure they will resurface to troll others, it was like being mauled by toothless sheep, or spoilt children.

My point is I think, whereas I have been protective about parts of my life, with much of it I choose to be open and honest. I find it extremely freeing, I have even disclosed things I probably shouldn't have at risk of prosecution. I simply do not conform to the restrictions and judgments placed upon us by fools.

If you scroll through the biographies on this site, note how many people are in fear of telling us anything about themselves. I feel that if we expect to make a difference on this rock, and that we should be told the truth it is our duty to start that ball rolling by telling the truth of ourselves. Endlessly you will see people demanding that others be truthful and disclose information without doing the same themselves.

I would like to see some commitment to change, a start would be openness, but maybe that is just too much to ask of some people.

If we want to change the world, we must change as individuals, be honest, be open.

Happy Sunday,


PS, and though we may feel the world devours us, it doesn't have to be like that, simply refuse to be consumed by stupidity.

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Brian Maryon

Sun 15th Apr 2018 08:42

It's becoming increasingly harder to keep yourself to yourself!

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