A Random Poem Inspired by the Bickering of Poets

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A Random Poem Inspired by the Bickering of Poets

A backdrop of colour represents the finality of strife,
As the lights go down, the lights go out on another poets life
In Heptonstall cemetary Sylvia Plaths body turns as her headstone inscription erodes
It's the end of an era, because of a spelling error, it's the new war of words
Another poet died today
A Wordsworth fan blew him away
His corpse was found lying in the daffodils
Sod the sticks and stones it's not them that kill
But a .45 straight through the brain
The meek, mild mannered poets have gone insane
It's poet versus poet with no end in sight
They're fighting in lumps at poetry nights
An avid Ted Hughes reader today met his demise
A fountain pen was stuck between his eyes
The ink met the blood and trickled down in streams
But it was nigh on impossible to hear the victims screams
Due to the noise of a tractor crushing the assailants skull
Then disappearing o'er the hills
And a certain ginger poet was regretting everything he ever wrote
When he was bound and left for dead with a packet of custard creams shoved down his throat
And then the government screamed "enough is enough!
No more of this violent poetry stuff
Poetrys got to be quietly read, it's one of the main rules
And discussed in gloomy function rooms by cardigan wearing fools"
So they outlawed poetry from this land
And forced Write Out Loud to go underground
And the whole literiture world began to quake
All this carnage because of a spelling mistake.

Cayn White

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Jeff Dawson

Sat 26th Dec 2009 11:34

Death to the Ginger poet!! Ha, nice work matey, really enjoyed this, best wishes and all the best for 2010! Jeffarama!!

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Ann Foxglove

Sat 5th Dec 2009 21:35

Good poem! And you didn't even mention haikus! Here's a little poem

For those of us who cannot spell
I name this website ROL


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Anthony Emmerson

Sat 5th Dec 2009 15:28

Hi Cayn,

Enjoyed this. Just a thought; is that a recognised collective noun a "bickering" of poets? If not, maybe it's worth a discussion thread for other suggestions . . .

I'll leave it to you.


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