generation gap

we call it the generation gap

we called them conservative

today we are stuck with that label

that label we used yesterday

we label them the rebels today

it is all a just vicious cycle

the wheel has to turn full circle

in our eyes they are forever young

in dire need of our protection

we are overtaken by the events

they protect us against ourselves

today they move with the same haste

choosing to ignore: more haste less speed

those warnings we did not heed

we mistook infatuation for love

then emotions elbowed reason out

some choices haunt us to this day

but he who feels it knows it

we need to be burnt to learn well

then reality stares us in the eyes

we yearn for milk long dry in our mothers' breasts

the folly of trying to re-invent the wheel

too much haste splits the sweet potato

◄ giving birth

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Tue 8th Dec 2009 00:50

Hi jabulani, your words are so expressive. i can feel pain in this piece, perhaps words from deep personal experience that only those who have suffered can really know. It is a very deep, powerful emotive poem that really touches. Nice one


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