Reflection of the moon

On a summer night the window mutters a melancholy tone,

Soft fabric sinks down towards the ground,

The rain flutters the pedals of a delicate daffodil on the edge of the window sill.


I sit and wait,

Longing to the reflection of the moon on a puddle,


You wrap your arms around mine.

We dance in a meadow,

Your shoes sink into the loosened soil from years of rain before.


The fires are all but gone now,

A memory and show held still in the smell of your food,

I sit and ponder the eternal.


Your shadows bend around the casket,

The metal digs deep to poison our blood.


Shivering windows lay on crooked hinges,

Avalanches wash away the love from the lonely,

I am forever lost in the reflection of the moon.


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