If Only I Could Take Alan's Advice

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And the line from that song is my reassurance in life

 That all is ok and alright and live now

and then I just watch as unbidden

I spiral back around and then I'm lost and then I'm here

Can't I just go just let go just calm down

Can't I just watch and listen and live in my round

And here it is, my mind is just unsound

Burdened by my future that is running afoul 

It's not a thing, it's not happening

Focus on the day that is current and free

What am I doing I need to plan

No, just lean back, just let it land

Oh god, this is ridiculous, just let it go

No, no, I need to write that down

Wait, What! Oh god, I forgot

Ooh, I like the look of that corner lot, 

Oh, here it is, er, too many sounds.

All I have is sounds.

Impending doom for a little choice

Just live your life!

There's too much voice

I just want my hand to stop shaking

My mind to slow down and stop waiting

On the next mistake I create to stay

In the comfort of my failure of accepting my fate

That I am neither as good or as bad

As anything that resides in my head. 


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