(Tell Me)What I Want to Hear

Please tell me if 

Please tell me now 

Have I suffered enough 

Have I fallen to the ground 

It feels like I’m falling still 


I’ve cried for help haven’t I 

Was I not that loud 

Do I even deserve the help 

Guess I’ll just shut my mouth 


I’m not okay 

Please just tell me I’m not 

Tell me 

It won’t be fine 

Admit that 

That’s alright 


I don’t have much hope 

Don’t tell me to look up 

My neck is healing still 

I’m not okay 

Just tell me that that’s fine 


(Im giving up) 

I don’t deserve this 

(I’m giving up) 

I’m so worthless 

(I’m giving up) 

I don’t deserve 



Why oh why 

Do I bother staying 

I know our interests 

Will take us someplace else 


Why can’t I  

Just let go of it all 

Be humble with power 

Admit I can’t have it all 


Why should I  

Even complain 

About anything 

Why must I keep my 

Mouth shut 

This fall ain’t high 

But it’s high enough to kill me 

Doesn’t that matter  

At all 


Don’t tell me you’ll catch me 

Drop the big claims 

They’re worth nothing 

Lies are songs easily sung 

With chords easily played 

anxietydepressionfeargiving uphopelessness

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