Love's Just a Feeling

Loves just a feeling 

It often changes 

It may go quick and crash 

Or keep you waiting 


It's a good high 

But the fall is pretty harsh 

I wouldn't want to get hurt 

I'm not too fond of goodbyes 


People say I haven't tried it 

And thus should with them 

For that I spew excuses 

And yet they still go at it 


I don't believe anything could ever last 

Don't blame me if I'm doubtful 

But I admit it's nice to believe 

…I must thank you for that 


Yknow…I'm not exactly as happy 

As I portray to be 

But I am looking on the bright side 

For any reason to not leave 


If I've learned anything in this world 

It's that youre on your own 

Yet you make it easier to think about 

And that scares me the most 


I know that love is just a feeling 

And that feelings are strong 

Love is just a feeling 

But I can’t help but trust my own  


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