Through the Gate

All around me the fog dances 

I look on to see as it tests its chances 

Waiting for me to open the gate 

It waits 

I stare at it as it does the same 

I take a step closer it watches 

I take another 

It's eyes slightly bigger 

I stop 

I open my mouth to speak 

Nothing comes out 

The fog whispers do not 

I stay where I stand  

Not daring a step 

It's fingers wrap around a bar 

I take a step, the fog begging 

No more 

3 steps away, 2 steps away 

I see the gate clearer 

‘Unlock the gate’, it whispers 

I reach out my hand 

the fog begging now desperate 

I open the gate a few inches 

But with that small space 

It vanishes 

Leaving just ash 

Everything's white 

The fog’s begging no more 


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