Mixed Feelings

You're so annoying 

And so distasteful 

You won't stop talking 

I hate you very much 


When the rain has finally come 

You'll sparkle like the sun 

And when I'm working 

You'll go…right ahead and call me 


You drive me crazy 

I think I've gone insane 

I just want to be lazy 

But you'll drag me out to play 


People say I ain't perfect 

But you'll say different  

You may be annoying  

But you're annoyingly amazing 

To me 

Yes, to me 


And though I may say hurtful words, I don't mean them 

And you're the only one who understands what I'm trying to say 

And it means a lot, though I may not show it 

Eventually, ill be able to thank you one day 

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