my life is an explosion

and im a hand holding a bomb

i have only five minutes to live

minute 5

5 minutes feels like enough time to make happy memories

i need to find love please

to dance and sing with the trees

minute 4

im in the bar looking for happiness

whats more better than booze and carelessness

i met a guy o my luck

everything is so beautiful an boundless

minute 3

i wake up from my dream

and all i think about is screammmm

reality was not even a gleam

i want time to go faster

but i feel every seconds crawl in my body

minute 2

hell on earth

i wish everything stops

whats the worth ?

only one minute yet it feels like eternity

minute one

i cry iam tired

i cry no longer fighting ,expired

waiting gently to disappear

minute 0

nothing happens

my life is an explosion

but the bomb in my hand is imaginary

when i think ►


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