On The Estate

People are stuck in a time warp

Frozen in their favourite era

There are goths and punks,

Mods, rockers and hippies

The betting shop's owned by a skinhead

A teddy boy runs the chippy


The shops cater for their every need

Two mini-marts sell cheap food,

Cigarettes and scratch cards

There's a cafe and three takeaways,

A gastropub and a Bargain Booze

To while away the days


The estate is full of single mums

Overweight with orange faces

They're always shouting at their kids.

The dads are no longer around

Most of the mums are white

Half the kids are brown


Unemployment is very high

But no-one's short of cash

There's a car on every drive

Life doesn't seem so hard

Every house has Sky TV

It's all on the credit card


Personal health is terrible

A lot of them struggle to walk

Some have a limp, some have a stick

Some have electric trikes

They speed along the pavement

They do what they bloody like


Medication is a way of life

It gets them through the day

There's also booze and fags

Illegal drugs and legal highs

People seem full of life

But they're dead behind the eyes

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Brian Maryon

Tue 20th Mar 2018 23:20

Thanks Colin, Hugh and Anya.

Colin - it's all about ambition. Many people move on...I am one of them. My poem highlights those who lack ambition and seem happy to wallow in their own mess.

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Tue 20th Mar 2018 20:01

A fantastic poem ,giving a vivid description of how things really are.Well done !

<Deleted User> (13762)

Tue 20th Mar 2018 19:07

Interesting poem Brian. But how to turn things around and improve lives long term? The people aren't necessarily to blame for such multi-dimensional problems. A good poem which raises many questions. Col.

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Brian Maryon

Tue 20th Mar 2018 07:24

Thanks David and Keith for your appreciation.

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keith jeffries

Mon 19th Mar 2018 10:54


Thank you for a poem which is an accurate cameo of a certain section of society. It is well written, indeed eloquent in its portrayal of those whose lives are sad but who struggle to find relevance to their existence. I concur with David that the last line really says it all. Thank you again.


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 19th Mar 2018 01:32

A zombie apocalypse!

The last line is the killer.


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