Ultimas Lagrimas

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My poetry is known to be pathetic

The stanzas are far beyond lyrical

My voice fills the heart with sorrow

My eyes are blind to see a brighter tomorrow


My heart is filled with your regrets

An empty soul is all your bringing

My path following a lonely pattern

My isolation is aftermath


My meaning of living is very nil

My hunger can never be filled

My purpose in life is unknown

My insight can never be shown


My emotion will always be dry

My eyes shed no tears to cry

My own being, no sense of faith

My spirit prepared to be knocking for nothing


My presence is never is never expected

My true sense of peace is never impacted

My only true friend is misery

My love is caged, and never to be free


My hope was never born

My motivation was never worn

My settlement has been broken

My secrets left behind as the unspoken


My end has arrived at it’s near

My heart feels no fear

Now I’m about to die

I feel something wet in my eye…

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Big Sal

Wed 14th Mar 2018 22:30

Nice, easy flow.

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Tue 6th Mar 2018 23:36

So powerfull! It is tearing me apart!

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