Have we become The Borg?

me too, me too,

I’m just like you.


Throat slit battered blue

and Western women

think they’re like you?


Simplify the tears we cry,

blame rape and war

on the drill and bore.


Speak of Allah as a single deity

dismiss factions and tribes 

wherever they be.


Nothing new in what is said

blood’s the same wherever bled,

exclusivity wrapped in gender


diluted thinking

dumps fact in a blender.


©Wolfgar 2/2012

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 2nd Mar 2018 08:34

Thanks SS,

I used to watch QT every week, now I have to check who is on in case I start throwing stuff at my TV, I don't really know what its value is anymore. I listen to LBC in the car when I'm home and usually end up putting Classic FM on to calm me down.

Few people are interested in what might be the cause of many conflicts, and some seem eager that the west take full responsibility for everything which is fucked up. Whilst some issues are aggravated by our reckless interventions we cannot surely be the cause of all the worlds ills.

I just don't know TBH,


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suki spangles

Thu 1st Mar 2018 17:01

I hope we aren't being assimilated. "Resistance is futile", all that. Hope not.

Simplify the tears we cry,
blame rape and war
on the drill and bore.

Oftentimes, especially while watching "the news", war/conflict is often described as if it were a football match, nothing more. The usual talking heads distilling complex issues, and even more complex histories is a sub-soundbite..

Great poem David.


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