On the beach

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A disused children’s playground

the Carousel and Ferris Wheel,

where the seesaw’ed 

when the peace thawed


Over there a shell hole

fifty meters from the breakfast buffet

The Al Deira Hotel fly’s freedom flags

but no castles in this sand today


The crippled body bent and cast

like a post-card from the edge

the broken promise clear at last

just another worthless pledge


© Wolfgar 2/2018


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 27th Feb 2018 20:30

Thanks Martin and Keith, much appreciate your reading and comments.


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keith jeffries

Tue 27th Feb 2018 18:48


I have little to add as Martin says, except for the fact that your final sentence omitted one important word, so called DEMOCRATIC civilised nation. Well said, David


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Martin Elder

Tue 27th Feb 2018 17:05

I don't think there is much more I can say David. You seemed to have summed up both in your poem and the statement below. Hats off to you sir.

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 26th Feb 2018 21:37

Dead kids eh, who gives a real fuck?

he isn't a manc, he wasn't walking over Westminster Bridge or in a classroom in Florida, he wasn't in a Mosque in East London, he didn't get washed up on a European shore and have the parasite press rearrange his articles.

No plastic poet reading shite poetry on the Gaza town hall steps, no endless articles on the BBC interviewing his class mates asking about what his ambitions were, probably because he had none because he wasn't granted an education, should I continue?

No he's just a kid killed by a so called civilized nation, he's dust now...flesh and bone rotted not even a headstone.

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