You’re beautiful in Silhouette 

your insides don’t expose

like an x-ray undisclosed as yet

you’re almost dead but no-one knows


Beneath your vibrant surface

shadows gather looming

and though you seem quite perfect

the end of you is blooming


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 27th Feb 2018 17:53

Thanks Colin,

and thanks for the link.

I've seen the Stranglers three times in Guildford in recent years, I never got to see them when I was younger. The audience is a funny crew now, lots of black clothing and seemingly many well to do old pseudo punks (Guildford audiences tend to be white middle to upper class fops) The last gig I went to I donned my tweed jacket and country style look just to kick against the conformity, I thought I was actually embracing the punk spirit whilst all the old school conformed, gave me a chuckle and had some fun conversations.

Anyway, unfortunately I never wrote any lyrics for them either, although there are a few of which I would have been extremely proud.

Thanks again,


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 26th Feb 2018 07:42


It is a romantic notion that we can maintain that inner light even when the flesh is weak, romantic and often real.

I suspect like many, I have witnessed people fade away with great grace never surrendering to despair, never compromising life long held beliefs.

A colleague of mine once said to me that when my number was up I would find faith in god, he didn't quite expect my reply or that I had already thought it through.

What kind of religion is it that would permit a person to live as a murderous wretch, and then when confronted by their demise allow them on a cowardly whim to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, I want no part of that self centered selfish arrogance.


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suki spangles

Sun 25th Feb 2018 18:27

A Hallmark rhyme flipped. I read this in a couple of ways. One is: Time verses Spirit, and the inevitable outcome..And yet the spirit can still be alive and vibrant right to the end..Romantic eh?


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Wolfgar Miere

Sun 25th Feb 2018 15:55

Thanks Stu, thanks for the likes Brian and Emer.

I didn't really know where I was going with this idea when I started, but hey it just appeared like this.

Hope all is well,


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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 24th Feb 2018 19:45

Thanks Ray,

Lovely things can be rotten inside, can even be dying. As always interpretation is everything and that is a great thing about writing, it can mean different things to different people.

This sprung from observing something of beauty and then set me thinking about the superficiality of perceived beauty.

It could also touch on degenerative disease, something which many of us are familiar with.

Thanks again,


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Stu Buck

Sat 24th Feb 2018 13:46

superb, creepy, dripping with mood and malcontent

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Sat 24th Feb 2018 12:03

On a purely physical level this is sinister and quite unsettling in terms of what can happen within a body; however I read more in from the title ; poetry can throw up all sorts of metaphors and possibilities of interpretations, so maybe rotten fruit of the soul in this case. Anyway, it has the Wolfgar subtle yet direct mind behind it!


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