I saw a news report

it upset me so much

I mean so much

it upset me so much


You know what I did

I wrote a poem

I wrote a poem

I thought that’ll teach the bastards


Once they see our poetry

they’ll piss their pants

they’ll quake in their boots

they’ll stop dropping barrel bombs


Our wordy solidarity

will fortify their crippled souls

It’ll bring their children back to life

it’ll un-rape their tattered holes


All our sympathy 

could put them back together

two minutes on dead children

ten about the fucking weather


© Wolfgar 2/2018


Self loathing

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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 23rd Feb 2018 04:37

Thank you Keith and Hannah.

The more observant might have noticed how I feed off my anger, it is a fine thing and as Mr John Lydon famously said "anger is an energy" it can be utilized to good and bad effects.

I think It's about learning how to refine, hone and channel it and then not to let it blow-back and destroy you that matters, that is where its true power lies. There is immense power to be drained from its reservoir if it can be somehow harnessed.

Hannah, thank you for your comments and compliments. Very much appreciated.


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Hannah Collins

Thu 22nd Feb 2018 16:44

I see this poem as a critique on the way certain TV news channels report atrocities as if they are a soap.
Sticking the microphone into the face of a person that wasn't even there and then wowing the fact that they hadn't been there but soon growing bored with him.
Then someone drops a pen on the floor and the reporter dives under the table, scared but for a moment making news themselves,
Love your writing.


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keith jeffries

Wed 21st Feb 2018 21:22

You are very angry but please do not apologise for it. Jesus was more than angry when he entered the Temple in Jerusalem and over turned the tables of the money lenders. In fact he was both furious and violent as he used a whip. Let poetry get it off your chest, but spare the cat.

Stay strong

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Wolfgar Miere

Wed 21st Feb 2018 12:38

Seriously, thanks all for your comments whether agreed with or not, they help to confirm just how complex these things are.

I was very frustrated and maybe angry when I wrote that which isn't really good is it, I thought about not posting it because it doesn't seem poetic to my mind. I posted it because it is raw and I think that may help to convey feelings on occasion.

I am aware that this really isn't everyone's cup of cocoa.

Calmer karma now, thank you all.


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Wed 21st Feb 2018 12:20

I think the strength of your feeling is amply demonstrated by the direct simplicity of the poem, and that is how it should be. I went to see the poet laureate last night, and this equals her verse : accessible and understandable. It is plain how close some have to live with the "baser instincts," violence and repression and how lucky we are over here.
It must be a constant challenge for you. I would hazard a guess that all your previous knowledge of such situations must be a kind of support, if that makes sense.


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Tom Harding

Tue 20th Feb 2018 23:25

David, very interesting and stimulating stuff... i think we all feel that anger/ self loathing at times for the little we can and can't do. i enjoyed the direct approach.

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Tue 20th Feb 2018 22:05

A poem I wrote on Sunday
A poem read on Monday
A world Changed on Tuesday

It's possible....

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 20th Feb 2018 21:18

Oh is that all arabs it seems you are suggesting so, and is that your considered opinion? I have met many, some who have tried to kill me and most who have not.

I have also met many people who would be happy to kill arabs indiscriminately, should I group them by collective ethnicity and brandish their race likewise?

And that most certainly is not the moral of my story, the moral of my story is being furnished with accurate information which assists in effective solutions being found.

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Brian Maryon

Tue 20th Feb 2018 21:11

I think the moral of your story Wolfgar is that no matter how much you do for the arabs they still bloody hate us and would slit our throats without a second thought.

Racist? Moi?

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 20th Feb 2018 21:03

There is a danger here that people may feel I am pointing a finger, I most certainly am not, and if I were it would be turned back on myself without any doubt.

These issues are hugely complex, to qualify that I give an example of something so incidental you won't see it on the news. Today along with some colleagues I was in Gaza (yes bore bore I know) We had been out for a few hours visiting sites that had been in receipt of financial support from sympathetic sources, monies which amounted to millions spent on improving an oppressed peoples lot.

We were taking a break for lunch when we came under sustained stone throwing attack from mostly women and children who were outside a fenced compound we were in. We established that what they were actually angry about was us eating and not offering our food to them, something we had been doing all day in actual fact, yet they were unaware of that and so attacked us.

Even worse the Palestinian Authority guards on seeing this attacked the women and children with batons, detaining four women and two children. On attempting to intervene we were threatened with arrest.

I laugh at myself when considering my own bleating poetry and the true realities of getting anything done in the face of such insanity.

Of course we should continue to write whatever we feel, including our frustration and feelings of helplessness, which in my case are founded in personal experiences.

All support is worthy and good, but needs to be considered and measured as to its true effect upon the situation.

Words may comfort and appease, action counts, so give what you can if its words, well I guess thats something but its not having much of an impact.

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