looking forward to backtracking

The reassuring moment arrives

the train crosses the border into my country

bringing home sweet home

closer sweetly closer


the fretful past few days

I'm giving to a forgetfulness

that expands by the minute.


The engine picks up speed 

and I ridiculously imagine it being

as impatient as I am

to get to our destination and I smile

wanting to agree with my ridiculous imagination.



I'm being hurried towards you

and a future that I hope

will not be hurried

towards its own final destination.


◄ blundering through a disused cemetery

3D effect ►


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Tue 27th Feb 2018 18:51

haha cheers JJ

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Jemima Jones

Tue 20th Feb 2018 19:55

I see we are on rails this time Leon and apparently going in a favourable,direction-homewards! Very nice piece. Thank you.Jemima.

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Rose Casserley

Tue 20th Feb 2018 10:39

this is why one must be ever so selective in considering the destination Mr Stolgard 😉

I enjoyed the ride!

Rose 💋

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Thu 15th Feb 2018 21:24

a common impatient state of mind to be travelling in these days. Especially at peak times!


P&S xx

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Thu 15th Feb 2018 17:20

Good evening Keith and Desmond (thank you for liking)
and thank you, Keith, for such a nice well-mannered comment.

Always nice to get back home especially if the time away from it hasn't been as enjoyable as one thought it would be

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keith jeffries

Wed 14th Feb 2018 14:10

Good Afternoon Leon,

Thank you for a beautifuuly constructed poem which will mean so much to many people. The third stanza is quite magnetic.


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