Disarming Charming

it will be ok

nope fuckit

I know exactly what will happen

Barely hanging on guilt of no productivity

circles in on itself

more never quite enough

more time never quite enough

wasted time cannot have enough

goals unfullfilled self fullfilling

respite from mistakes feed more

well never deep enough to stay hidden swim deeper

need more time never enough time frenzied panic


relentless restlessness exhaustion


I can handle this

fuck it

I can stop fuck it

fuck it too much work

nope fuck it 

fuck it im fine




fuck it more time

never enough

it wants to kill me I can't dissagree

nobody wants  to deal with me 

we want to oblige 

fuck it


depressionfirst steppowerlessnessrecovery

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Christopher Reeves

Tue 13th Feb 2018 22:20

I'm ok just working my program and putting out what my life drinking was like.

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