Fat women and blokes

The butt of all jokes

Waddling into Greggs

Clothes that don't fit

Over supersize tits

And varicose elephant legs

Gargantuan guts

Big bloated butts

Must have been something they ate

In a world of their own

Leave them alone

They've got quite enough on their plate


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M.C. Newberry

Mon 12th Feb 2018 17:25

I enjoyed the irony of the last line in this post!
Just as well the well known images of "John Bull" and "Mr
Pickwick" came from another less judgmental age. But
there is that suspicion that today's chubbies are merely
self-indulgent snafflers of any food that's going - and,
what's worse, at other people's expense. I have lost weight twice in my life, both via circumstance rather than conscious choice: once due to an over-active
thyroid and the second more recent instance via a change in diet, eating fewer reduced calorie meals
over a period of time, reducing my original near 240lbs to 190lbs. (I'm 6'4" by the way). I may sympathise with
those medically affected to their detriment but not with
the "gas guzzlers" who seem to occupy the seats at most fast food outlets these days.

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