Be a Good Girl

Dilute your pant suits,

grow out that cropped hair,

season your long words,

make your language edible -

That's it, baby, be delicious!

By smearing cherry lip gloss on that big mouth of yours,

Hunny, where's the honey on your pale skin?

Why don't you smile more?

You know, that's what we hired your for...

To bring customers in!

I'm talking to you, hey!

Darling! Doll face! Sweetheart!

You're coming on a little strong with that feminism stuff,

Are you a misandrist or spoilt, is 2018 not enough?

We aren't all bad, don't you have a brother or a dad?

'Cause I bet you have a boyfriend, you could have any lad!

How the hell is a girl like you single?

'Cause no girl wants to be a spinster!

And you keep burning bras, your heading that way!

Oh, cheer up, so sensitive, touchy feely,

where's all this political correctness come from anyway?

Just be careful what you say, ok?

Careful how you say it, maybe quit it...

- Shhhh shhh -

Tiptoe with your tongue,

those lips have better use

- Shhh shhh -

We are starting to feel victimised by you warning us to check our privilege,

it makes us feel uncomfortable and undermined.

After all sunshine, it’s for everyone, you know.

'Feminism' doesn't quite validate it, doesn't quite sell it though - Inaccessible!

 Forget history, the roots, the finding, how about 'gender equality'? (Here's to rewinding!)

Easier to chew, easier to swallow, and easier girls swallow,

now would you be a good girl?



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