At gates


I come embattled to your gates 

I am draped in blood and guilt,

your walls terrify me

Knowing that beyond lies deliverance. 


A million souls of souls long dead

who journeyed this same path,

and now I almost crawl to you

my last breath drawn, my dagger thrust.


For now I stand here a naked man

my soul is bereft of faith,

I shake and cry in agony

Oh lord oh lord deliver me.

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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 10th Feb 2018 11:32

Thanks Keith,

There is no chance for the Haredim to enslave me, maybe physically but never the essence of me.

I think when you say the "world" enslaves us you actually mean mankind, of course we can enslave ourselves and each other. As always we need to define our interpretations before we can enter into meaningful converse

The Ten Commandments are a set of instructions if which you do not adhere to or ultimately repent for transgressions you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven, that pretty much seems like enslavement to me.

Likewise the Koran requires a strict set of rules be followed and submitted to, the abandonment of which will see forfeit of any deliverance to heaven.

I am a slave to myself, my own weaknesses and only those I love, all others including Gods are free to watch me burn in the fires of their respective Hells.

I suspect we would be better to conclude this public conversation and agree we respectfully disagree, I did once give my heart to Jesus but decided to take it back, after concluding I could use it more effectivley without his confinement.

As always thanks for your input and comments Keith.


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keith jeffries

Sat 10th Feb 2018 10:01

Good Morning David,

Thank you for a very interesting and thought provoking response to my comment. I fully appreciate our different perpespectives. Religions and the Institutions derived from them have resulted in enslavement, this is without doubt. Scripture is the either the word of a particular historic person or the revealed word of the Divine to an individual. Christianity and Islam part ways on this. The origins (authorship) of the Koran and the Bible are completely different.

Enslavement has nothing to do with the natural order as that is a given fact in and with which we live. The world enslaves us through greed, lust, conquest, prejudice, arrogance and many other aspects which distort our true nature. Scripture can be discarded or rejected but our personal nature is sorely ingrained with impurities and with which we are often in conflict.

Where does man´s natural capacity for good come from? The natural world about us? An innate goodness? What gives man the criterion to distinguish between good and bad, right from wrong?

These subjects pose great thought and deliberation. Personally I regard all religions as insitutions which have come under the control of man and used to control (enslave) their fellow man. The essence of Christianity, apart from Rome, Canterbury and Constantinople is a clear message which does not involve enslavement. The unadulterated word of scripture is often ignored.

I hope all continues to go well for you. Your views, I fully respect, but we all must reserve the right to challenge and be challenged. Take good care David. (The Haredim) might want to enslave you)


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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 10th Feb 2018 05:22

Thank you Ray and Keith,

I know you use the word "funny" in a way that does not mean humorous Ray, and yes it is unfortunate and sad that man seeks religious relief from reality.

Keith, I have to say these words were not spoken from my soul they were fashioned from my imagination and the suspension of rationale. I cannot deny the power of the story of Christ and will not, neither can I deny the power of Tolkiens "Lord of the rings" or how some are drawn to "Star Wars" and its portrayal of good and evil which has in recent years spawned the religious following of Jedi's.

As far as enslavement goes I believe that scripture is the text of the belief which enslaves, all scripture written by men not God, men who heard voices or reacted to conscience, or calculatedly had a desire to control their fellow man.

The world as in "nature" has no text, it has a natural order of which we are a moving part, we are not enslaved by it we are subject to it, whereas mankind is commanded to surrender to scripture thus rendering himself a slave. I do not deny some of the positive instructions of religious text most of which are predated by the human understanding of right and wrong.

To believe that without religious text man would somehow have failed to evolve in his humanity, is to dismiss too easily his capacity for good, and if I may say so an extremely selfish and self centered attitude manifest in many religions.

All this is my opinion of course, which means it really isn't worth much to anyone but me.

Thanks again, to all for reading and commenting.


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keith jeffries

Fri 9th Feb 2018 20:53


as soon as I read this poem I was reminded of some very similar words in the opening verses of psalm 6. Your poem was spoken from your soul. We are not ensalved by faith but the world .Thank you.


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Fri 9th Feb 2018 16:09

A man found Jesus down a sewer; for his disbelief he found a cure. Apart from that self quote, I thought this had great emotional power, a sense of others needs and the wider perspective however distant is its fulfilment, David. It certainly packs a Cecil B de Mille potential .
It's funny how many come to rely on enslavement as a way of life.


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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 9th Feb 2018 07:36

Thank you Frances and Graham,

My only concern now is that people will think I have seen the light!

Thanks so much for reading and comments, and yes Frances, that metaphor does work. I can claim no conscious responsibility for it however.


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Frances Macaulay Forde

Fri 9th Feb 2018 04:51

Strangely, before I read the comments, my feeling of this poem was not the religion of Christ but he religion of Romantic Love.
I thought you were talking about falling in love - and I loved it! Thought it appropriate for Valentine's Day and all the terrors it promises...

Obviously my experience of loving someone coloured my reading from the very first word.

And, I always imagine a metaphor...

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 8th Feb 2018 23:00

The strongest form of slavery is that of faith. No bars, nor shackles, nor sticks, nor guns, nor masters.

Slavery of the mind, impregnable walls.

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 8th Feb 2018 20:42

I have not had a road to Damascus experience, what I would like to convey here is the immense power of the amazing story of Christ and how it moves people.

What this place actually gives me is a love of everyone, and the true scale of my own insignificance and significance at the same time.

I have already seen many many pilgrims here, my lasting impression is that they are all enslaved.


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