A univocal poem using only the vowel of A


Sap man Dan stands at bar,

happy man Sam sat at back.

Sam acts badly,

scans and rags Dan.

Dan’s sad,

Dan’s crabby,

Dan’s mad.

Dan’s stand sags.


Sam has an ally, Mary, (what a lady)

Sat at Sam’s lap…awks.

Dan was Mary’s fan,

Mary was Dan’s gal,

Mary had Dan’s baby;

Dan’s lad.

Dan always drank, vast,

“Dan the Lag”.

had Mary crazy,

Mary and lad ran away.


Dan bad chats happy Sam at bar.

Sam zaps Dan’s gab

and rags Dan back.

A yampy Dan barks

mad rants.

Sam laffs at Dan.

Dan ran at Sam,

Sam jabs Dan,

Dan falls back, farts,


Dan wafts ass gas at Sam,

“what a bastard!”, Sam gasps.

Sam grabs an ashtray and

smacks Dan’s hand,


bawls Dan.

Dan grabs Sam’s ball bag,


yawps Sam.

Sam jabs hands at Dan’s yams,

Dan bats Sam’s hands away,

Sam and Dan’s brawl

sprawls and crawls,

Dan drags and bangs Sam’s fat abs bag,


Sam balks.

Barman slams Sam and Dan apart.

Sam ran at car park cab,

cab span Sam away.


Back at bar

Dan fans Mary,

Mary fans back.

At Dan’s pad

Mary laps at Dan’s stack,

Dan laps at Mary’s baps,

grabs Mary’s ass,

crams Mary’s clam

as a dark flat lamp

spans Dan’s gaff black.

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