the ignoring of J.C.Clarke

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I've forgotten his name,

was it Jim Higgins?

I'll probably forget it again

but this so-called poet

Bill Higginson

was showing me

a crap poem he had written.


Meanwhile, some dude with spiky black hair wearing shades

and with a spiky black suited physique to match   

came into the pub.


I had known Jim ( or was it Bill? ) on and off for years.

He was asking for my opinion.His written words posing as poetry

were about as lame as a donkey with four broken legs.


Not wanting to hurt his feelings

I took up the role I fucking hate so much

by saying it was everything other

than the truth.



We took little notice of the spiky-haired man

until he headed for the door

unknowingly taking my ignorance with him

but as he turned before leaving

his pasty skeletal face looking in my direction

hit me like a thunderbolt!


here were we two insignificant's

discussing a page full of shite

without having given him  

at least one 'we are not worthy' glance. 


Now it was too late! too late for me to repetitively shout out loud

above the beery din


there's super duper Cooper-Clarke!


At that precise moment,

both me and my regretful shame

could have fallen through the crowded floor!


To think! 

I could have thankfully shaken

the hand of my all time hero

and left mine unwashed for a lifetime.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 5th Feb 2018 21:37

unbelievably brill Rose.

P&S xx

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Jemima Jones

Sun 4th Feb 2018 17:39

oh, Rose! if ever I enjoyed a poem so much it is this one. If ever I am lucky enough to become famous (ha!) I might have to put our relationship on hold, so whether you recognise me or not it is possible I might not allow you to shake my hand unless you are wearing gloves! haha! Thank you. Jemima.

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Rose Casserley

Sun 4th Feb 2018 15:22

(guys, I want to say ta before replying to your comments for not rollicking me for my 'spikey' misspelling ?! )

You are right Martin. I was only saying the same thing to some old biddy shopping in Asda the other day who was wearing an ermine cloak and a crown being followed by two corgis

she did tell me her name but I forg.......DOHH!!
I've done it again! ?

Suki, stuff Higgins Bill or otherwise! if JCC DID read this I would never come back from heaven! ?!!!!!

cheers playmates!

Rose ?

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suki spangles

Sun 4th Feb 2018 11:37

Ah Rose,

But here's the paradox: you have immortalised a bloke names Higgins, or something near that. And if JCC ever reads this, I'm sure he'll laugh out loud! That's poetry!


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Martin Elder

Sat 3rd Feb 2018 20:10

Isn't it sickening when that happens. You don't recognise somebody you admire when you actually meet them. great poem Rose.

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