the tennis boys picnic

Ten middle-aged tennis players attend worcester beer festival. The captain provides a  picnic lunch big enough for 30 people!


on the day of the tennis boys picnic

mike and stewie were hyper as elves

their mummies had dressed them up nicely

and let them go off by themselves


they met all their friends at the beerfest

and ran around laughing with glee

they drank a whole bottle of tizer

and everyone needed a wee


the table was so full of goodies

it could have been given the blame

for third world hunger, or making

the teddy bears picnic seem tame


they clambered up into their high chairs

and tucked into jelly and trifle

martin ate to excess and couldn’t suppress

the fart he’d been trying to stifle


richie and chris had bad tummies

and then just to make matters worse

naughty elliot filled his nappy

and had to be changed by the nurse


by five o’clock they were exhausted

their eyelids as heavy as lead

their mummies arrived with their jim jams

and took them home safely to bed

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John Coopey

Thu 1st Feb 2018 23:17

Excellent stuff, Brian. A welcome change from the usual weighty navel gazing that gets posted on here.

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