Vessel Building 101

At that time

the skies raged.

And I was whisked away.

Twisted up into space.

Folded into the fabric.

Set down in a world without woe. 

Blissful slumber.

But my stay was not for long

and I took to turbulent seas.

Once ashore,

I wept.

I had but a broken shell and a ripped up map.

I didn't know then 

but I also had a vessel to build.

I stumbled my way through construction. 

I couldn't find the blueprint.

Rather, I didn't know to look. 

It would go smoothly for a time.

Until a measurement was short.

Or a thumb smashed.

Nonetheless it went on. 

That day.

When I finally saw what I was doing. 

That day.

Measurements still come up short.

And thumbs are still smashed.

But I can see the vessel I am to build.

And how to build it. 

◄ 11/28/17

I'm rad. ►


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