I am a lion and I am a queen 

I write my own pages 

I set my own scene.

I am a warrior, the battles I win 

I am no angel, my life's full of sin 

I'm not unshakable

My hearts not unbreakable 

I have gold in my soul I've been told 

I am a fighter, my heart is a lighter

To show me my way when I'm old

Yes I am sensitive, I'm usually tentative

My decisions are never planned out 

The mistakes that I make, may cause me heartache

But my tears help me flood out the drought 

I am a flame, that no one can tame 

And I like it that way, so I'll stay 

I'll keep making my choices, and ignore the voices, that tell me I've gone the wrong way 

I am unsinkable, what I've been throughs unthinkable, after all I am only 19 

My will to fight is like lightening, What I've been through is frightening, but I'll never forget what I've seen 

My strength is the fire that fuels my desire, to follow my dreams of the stage 

My temper is small, but I always stand tall, memories will erase the outrage 

Yes I am insecure, and my heart isn't pure, but I know that I'm trying my best 

I've decided my tale, of the love and betrayal, is just simply another test 

I'll pass it with ease, always aim to please, I'll be comfortable in my own skin 

So on the battle field, I'll hold up my shield, because life is a battle I'll win 

  • Charlotte 

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Douglas MacGowan

Sat 27th Jan 2018 03:06

A great strong statement of fierce self-identity. Well done.

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