Our Monster


In a workshop full of hammers and spades

he shapes his thoughts on industrial lathes


Smokes ten cigarettes in his coffee break

prefixes all responses with “For Fucks Sake”


Poisoned his mother with a temperature gauge

keeps the bag of her bones in his hamster cage


Daddy left him a bouquet of crisscrossing scars

which he tattooed with roses, girlfriends and cars


His password is shared with others like him

who meet in dark places where no light gets in


He’s a victim, a monster he’s the beast we have bred

yet we still seem bemused when he raises his head


©Wolfgar 1/2018


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 29th Jan 2018 00:34

As you say Kevin it's all about interpretation.

Thanks for reading and commenting, very much appreciated.


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kJ Walker

Sun 28th Jan 2018 08:21

hi David
Being me- I read something different into this. the penultimate stanza seemed to insinuate that he was on the dark-web, and that coupled with the fact that you called him a monster, I assumed he was a paedo.
the crisscrossing of scars left by his daddy led me to believe that he too had been a victim. Sadly these "monsters" use their upbringing as an excuse for their behaviour.
It probably wasn't how you meant it to read, but as you've said before, you leave it for the reader to put his own interpretation on it.


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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 27th Jan 2018 14:03

Thanks Ray, Stu and SS and to Col for the Divine Comedy link (big fan)

All your comments are very much appreciated, hope your weekend goes well.

All the best,


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suki spangles

Sat 27th Jan 2018 08:40

Hi David.

You're right about the "monster" tag. Another one is calling someone an animal. Thing is, animals mostly only kill when they have to. I wonder, if animals could talk, would they distance themselves from the behaviour of one of their own with the descriptor "human"..


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Stu Buck

Sat 27th Jan 2018 05:51

very nick cave, especially the third verse. go on, say it in his drawl. great stuff as ever,

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Fri 26th Jan 2018 21:31

What I get from this is the child shouting to be heard and being suppressed - often "the monster" who needs a firm hand and guidance. Also, a sense of the impotence of our own powers, scribing it to others who have that image that brings fear. And of course a streak of humour running through!


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Wolfgar Miere

Fri 26th Jan 2018 11:25

Sorry Colin,

I meant to say I haven't hacked into your workplace CCTV, could be interesting though.

Here's a thing with a similar inquisitive tone for your amusement.



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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 25th Jan 2018 23:32

Thanks folks,

I deliberated some time over using the word "Monster" as it is something I dislike intensely when used to describe human beings who do despicable and evil things.

I think its something humans do to separate themselves from the terrible things we are capable of, as if to suggest that some of us are other than human. Of course we are not, we are simply capable of almost unspeakable things.

So here I have coupled the words "Our Monster" to propose that we are the monster and we should accept that in being so we are capable of monstrous things in human manifestations.

Apart from that, I'm pleased that the intended dark humour is not completely obscured.


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Thu 25th Jan 2018 14:47

...We have no need of demon's inspirations. We do just fine on our own; creating monsters out of ourselves. As always it was a pleasure. Thanks for sharing.

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keith jeffries

Thu 25th Jan 2018 14:31

Hello David, Well composed. Seems like a reasonable sort of chap. The third stanza had me in fits. Thanks. Keith

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 25th Jan 2018 13:35

Monsters, daemons, ghosts, we all have them!

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