I Think This Means I'm An Adult Now

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I realized today that realizing my dreams

Means very, very different things

Than when I was young and in my head

and there was glory and fame and awards 

The older I get the more I feel

that Jimmy was right and hearts are hard to find

and that those up top are as human as me

And with their advantages come other things

That get in the way of what I have 

I want to hold it safe

And that means that time 

is of the highest place

I can search for those things

That used to haunt my dreams

But that search means that I would sacrifice

What little time I have with my new ambitions

I don't want to be apart

I want to be a big part of their lives

And that means that those things that most feel are acheivements

Are simply ways to destroy my happiness

I'm good with being mediocre

I'm good with being nobody

Because I realized today listening to Dexter's words

That if they were gone away

My world would be so much colder



growing up

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