farewell flea-pit

entry picture

old art deco decorated cinema

about to face the wrecking ball

to be reincarnated no doubt

into post-modernist form 


it's futuristic replacement

gleams in sci-fi silver and moonscape white

but with its newness, incomplete, no-one can presently enter

for now with a week or two to live

it's still the antiquated movie museum neighbour.


Upon my final visit,

the shuddering cage poorly representing a lift

frighteningly hauls me to the balcony level

where I'm greeted


a little sadly, I think.

The loyal veteran usherettes eyes 

outshine her torchlight

her red-nailed sinewy hands hesitating

almost reluctant to perform the age-old ritual 

of tearing the ticket.


Her smile more than welcoming with mothering warmth

enough to soften the hardest heart

though unable to disguise the doomed air of redundancy 

that mingles with so many decades of tobacco, human odour 

and perfume left behind mostly by back row lovers


clinging to the many bums and backs flattened velvet seatings.

The wonderful ghosts of entertaining times

played out in this hallowed run-down palace

have had their day        





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Thu 25th Jan 2018 10:14

and I thought margarine wouldn't melt in your beautiful innocent mouth Rose! Cheers lovely lady

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Rose Casserley

Wed 24th Jan 2018 19:29

we used to call them snogging shops in our happier days. Good stuff Mr Stolgard!

Rose 💋

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Tue 23rd Jan 2018 11:40

I've done some serious snogging on many of their back rows I 'll have you know Stef. God!! I miss those times!

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 22nd Jan 2018 10:27

god bless all 'hallowed run-down palaces' for the pleasure they gave so many for so long.

Brilliant work Leon!

P&S xx

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